Gregory A Gerhardt

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Collaborative investigations have characterized how multineuron hippocampal ensembles encode memory necessary for subsequent successful performance by rodents in a delayed nonmatch to sample (DNMS) task and utilized that information to provide the basis for a memory prosthesis to enhance performance. By employing a unique nonlinear dynamic(More)
O ne of the frontiers in the biomedical sciences is the development of prostheses for the central nervous system (CNS) to replace higher thought processes that have been lost due to damage or disease. Prosthetic systems that interact with the CNS are currently being developed by several groups [1], though virtually all other CNS prostheses focus on sensory(More)
Construction and application of a neural prosthesis device that enhances existing and replaces lost memory capacity in humans is the focus of research described here in rodents. A unique approach for the analysis and application of neural population firing has been developed to decipher the pattern in which information is successfully encoded by the(More)
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