Gregorio Rubio

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Context aware applications, which can adapt their behaviors to changing environments, are attracting more and more attention. To simplify the complexity of developing applications, context aware middleware, which introduces context awareness into the traditional middleware, is highlighted to provide a homogeneous interface involving generic context(More)
BACKGROUND Human enteroviruses (HEV) are the commonest cause of viral meningitis as well as other pathologies, therefore HEV characterization is important both in patient management and epidemiological investigation. OBJECTIVES A 10-year study of patients with enteroviral infection was carried out in Spain to determine the underlying etiology. STUDY(More)
The aim of the study was to determine the incidence of viruses causing aseptic meningitis, meningoencephalitis, and encephalitis in Spain. This was a prospective study, in collaboration with 17 Spanish hospitals, including 581 cases (CSF from all and sera from 280): meningitis (340), meningoencephalitis (91), encephalitis (76), febrile syndrome (7), other(More)
Superficial bladder cancer has been the subject of numerous studies for many years, but the evolution of the disease still remains not well understood. After the tumor has been surgically removed, it may reappear at a similar level of malignancy or progress to a higher level. The process may be reasonably modeled by means of a Markov process. However, in(More)
This paper presents ongoing research in the SWARMs project towards facilitating context awareness in underwater robots. In particular, the focus of this paper is put on the context reasoning part. The underwater environment introduces uncertainties in context data which lead to difficulties in the context reasoning phase. As probability is the best(More)
Smart subsystems like traffic, Smart Homes, the Smart Grid, outdoor lighting, etc. are built in many urban areas, each with a set of services that are offered to citizens. These subsystems are managed by self-contained embedded systems. However, coordination and cooperation between them are scarce. An integration of these systems which truly represents a(More)
There is an upsurge in applying fuzzy ontologies to represent vague information in the knowledge representation field. Current research in the fuzzy ontologies paradigm mainly focuses on developing formalism languages to represent fuzzy ontologies, designing fuzzy ontology editors, and building fuzzy ontology applications in different domains. Less focus(More)