Gregorio Orozco-Arroyo

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In Opuntia stenopetala, flowers initiate as hermaphrodite; however, at maturity, only the stamens in male flowers and the gynoecium in female flowers become functional. At early developmental stages, growth and morphogenesis of the gynoecium in male flowers cease, forming a short style lacking stigmatic tissue at maturity. Here, an analysis of the(More)
Overview of seed size control. Human and livestock nutrition is largely based on calories derived from seeds, in particular cereals and legumes. Unveiling the control of seed size is therefore of remarkable importance in the frame of developing new strategies for crop improvement. The networks controlling the development of the seed coat, the endosperm and(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The sexual separation in dioecious species has interested biologists for decades; however, the cellular mechanism leading to unisexuality has been poorly understood. In this study, the cellular changes that lead to male sterility in the functionally dioecious cactus, Opuntia stenopetala, are described. METHODS The spatial and temporal(More)
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