Gregorio Ignacio-Ibarra

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There are two major forms of the BCR/ABL fusion gene, involving ABL exon 2, but including different exons of BCR gene. The transcripts b2a2 or b3a2 code for a p210 protein. Another fusion gene leads to the expression of an e1a2 transcript, which codes for a p190 protein. Another, less common fusion gene is c3a2[e19a2], which encodes a p230 protein. The(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS FLT3-ITD mutations in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) are associated with a poor prognosis. In Latin America, little epidemiological data exist about these mutations and their influence on clinical evolution and prognosis. Standardization and well-established clinical correlation make FLT3 mutational analysis by molecular methods an(More)
We report the clinical case of a man who survived a massive attack of Africanized bees (>2000 bee stings). The man experienced anaphylactic shock and multisystem organ failure (neurologic, hepatic, renal, and hematologic failure). He was treated with administration of dopamine hydrochloride, antihistaminic agents, corticosteroids, fluid and electrolyte(More)
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