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EEG spectral parameters were computed in a group of children with different degrees of difficulty in learning to read and write. For statistical analyses, Z-transformed values according to normative age-regression equations were used to control the age effects. Canonical Correlation Analysis between absolute power in different bands and the categories of(More)
The principle of microscopic time reversal of physical processes, detailed balance, is widely used and depended upon in the theoretical community as a connection between photorecombination (PR) and photoionization (PI). This paper reports on a novel use of detailed balance and the comparison of experimental results obtained by two very distinct techniques(More)
The measurement of the mobility of SF-6 in the mixtures SF6 -Ar and SF6 -Xe is reported over the density-reduced electric field strength E/N 1-180 Td (1 Townsend = 10(-17) V cm(2)), from a time-resolved pulsed Townsend technique. Simultaneously, the mobility of SF-6 in the same binary mixtures has been calculated from a set of collision cross sections for(More)
High-resolution absolute experimental measurements and two independent theoretical calculations were performed for photoionization of O+ ions from the 2P(o) and 2D(o) metastable levels and from the 4S(o) ground state in the photon energy range 30-35.5 eV. This is believed to be the first comparison of experiment and theory to be reported for photoionization(More)
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