Gregorio Bernabé García

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A case of obstructive sialadenitis caused by deposits of gold salt compound in the intraparotid lymphoid tissues in a woman with classic rheumatoid arthritis is presented. The patient had been treated with a parenteral gold salt compound (sodium aurothiomalate) for 10 years with chrysotherapy balance of 7525 mg. She presented with swelling of both parotid(More)
Spectroscopic methods are used to investigate the formation of low molecular mass intermediates during aniline (ANI) oxidation and polyaniline (PANI) degradation. Studying ANI anodic oxidation by in situ Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIRS) it is possible to obtain, for the first time, spectroscopic evidence for ANI dimers produced by(More)
Probe beam deflection (PBD) techniques, both as cyclic voltadeflectometry (CVD) and chronodeflectometry (CD), were applied for the first time to the study of the electrochemistry of nanostructured Pt materials which are commonly used as electrocatalysts in fuel cells. The electrochemical surface reactions, including faradaic processes, double layer charging(More)
Distance learning can be enhanced with the use of virtual reality; this paper describes the design and initial validation of a Web Environment for Surgery Skills Training on Otolaryngology (WESST-OT). WESST-OT was created aimed to help trainees to gain the skills required in order to perform the Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery procedure (FESS), since(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the level of attendance for care of people with glucose tolerance disorders, both known and not, and to discuss their real impact on Primary Care. DESIGN Simple prospective randomised sampling. Opportunist detection among spontaneous users over 40, excluding pregnant women. SETTING Primary Health Care. PATIENTS AND OTHER(More)