Gregor Wetekam

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This paper presents a reconfigurable, hardware accelerated, volume rendering system for high quality perspective ray casting. The volume rendering accelerator performs ray casting by calculating the path of the ray through the volume using a programmable Xilinx Virtex FPGA which provides fast design changes and low cost development. Volume datasets are(More)
This paper presents a cache-based memory architecture for volume graphics. We describe the memory organization and cache logic to implement a voxel cache based on 4<sup>3</sup> voxel blocks. We show an efficient prefetching scheme that increases the cache hit ratio to more than 98% in most cases. The performance of the memory system with different types of(More)
In this paper we propose a hardware accelerated ray-casting architecture for multi-resolution volumetric datasets. The architecture is targeted at rendering very large datasets with limited voxel memory resources for both cases where the working set of a frame does or does not fit into the voxel memory. We describe the multi-resolution model used to(More)
In this paper we present a volume rendering system that implements a Direct Volume Rendering algorithm on a Xilinx FPGA being capable of visualizing 3D-datasets with highest image quality at interactive frame rate. The volume renderer utilizes a cache optimized memory scheme for maximum memory bandwidth and a fully pipelined architecture of the(More)
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