Gregor Schuster

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The interaction of H(2)O(2) with ice surfaces at temperatures between 203 and 233 K was investigated using a low pressure, coated-wall flow tube equipped with a chemical ionisation/electron impact mass spectrometer. Equilibrium surface coverages of H(2)O(2) on ice were measured at various concentrations and temperatures to derive Langmuir-type adsorption(More)
The heterogeneous interaction of N2O5 with Saharan dust particles was investigated using aerosol flow tubes with detection of N2O5 by cavity-ring-down spectroscopy. The uptake coefficient, γ, was determined to be 0.02 ± 0.01 on airborne Saharan dust particles, independent of relative humidity (RH, 0-67%) and initial N2O5 concentration (5 × 10(11)-3 × 10(13)(More)
The physical adsorption of formic (HC(O)OH) and acetic (CH(3)C(O)OH) acid on ice was measured as a function of concentration and temperature. At low concentrations, the gas-ice interaction could be analysed by applying Langmuir adsorption isotherms to determine temperature dependent partition constants, K(Lang). Using temperature independent saturation(More)
The reaction between HO2 and CH3C(O)O2 has three exothermic product channels, forming OH (R3a), peracetic acid (R3b), and acetic acid plus O3 (R3c). The branching ratios of the OH- and ozone-forming reaction channels were determined using a combination of laser-induced fluorescence (LIF, for time-resolved OH concentration measurement) and transient(More)
The heterogeneous chemistry of HOI, ICl and IBr on sea salt and sea salt proxies has been studied at 274 K using two experimental approaches: a wetted wall flow tube coupled to an electron impact mass spectrometer (WWFT-MS) and an aerosol flow tube (AFT) coupled to a differential mobility analyser (DMA) and a chemical ionisation mass spectrometer (CIMS).(More)
The interaction of hydrogen chloride (HCl) with ice surfaces at temperatures between 190 and 220 K was investigated using a coated-wall flow-tube connected to a chemical ionization mass spectrometer. Equilibrium surface coverages of HCl were determined at gas phase concentrations as low as 2 × 10(9) molecules cm(-3) (∼4 × 10(-8) Torr at 200 K) to derive(More)
Die Ergebnisse zeigen, daß die mechanische Separierung der Wundfläche vom umgebenden Gewebe weder durch Folien noch durch die Wundfläche abdeckende Salben den gewünschten adhäsionsverhütenden Effekt hatten. Eine wesentliche Verminderung der Adhäsionen konnte durch die lokale Applikation von Cortison nachgewiesen werden. Die Spezialgrundlage der(More)
By means of experiments the possibility of obtaining detergents with properties ranging between those of soaps and anionactive tensides was tested by slightly alcaline adjustment of anionactive tensides. When testing 2% solutions of the tensides sodium lauryl sulphate, fatty acid methyl taurid and protein fatty acid condensate (molecular weight 750), the(More)
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