Gregor Massiot

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DNA polymerase beta (Pol beta) is an error-prone enzyme whose up-regulation has been shown to be a genetic instability enhancer as well as a contributor to cisplatin resistance in tumor cells. In this work, we describe the isolation of new Pol beta inhibitors after high throughput screening of 8448 semipurified natural extracts. In vitro, the selected(More)
A continuum damage model is proposed for Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu solder alloy in pure shear conditions. Experimental tests were performed on specific torsion samples to adjust material parameters of the continuum damage model. The main advantage of this method is to introduce damage process in the mechanical behaviour law of SnAgCu solder. Damage process highly(More)
This study introduces a computation method to assess damage in electronic solder joints under random vibration. It addresses full 3D dynamic behaviour of electronic board. Finite element modelling (FEM) of electronic BGA (ball grid array) and CGA (column grid array) packages assemblies are developed and adjusted with experimental modal identification of the(More)
Numerical methods have become a useful mean to predict the thermo-mechanical reliability of solder interconnects in electronics, at least comparatively. In principle, each calculation finally rests on a creep fatigue model or criterion. The article reviews some important failure models of solder found in literature, discusses their benefits and drawbacks,(More)
As part of the European LIFE project GEAMCOS, this paper presents the simulation evaluation of lead-free electronic assemblies submitted to harsh environments encountered in aeronautical and military communication applications. It addresses the following questions: (1) the determination of an optimal accelerated test condition in the temperature range of(More)
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