Gregor Makovec

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Most of the present subgroup discovery approaches aim at finding subsets of attribute-value data with unusual distribution of a single output variable. In general, real-life problems may be described with richer, multi-dimensional descriptions of the outcome. The discovery task in such domains is to find subsets of data instances with similar outcome(More)
Aqueous human hemoglobin is being considered as an oxygen-transporting resuscitation solution. However, there are some indications that such solutions may be toxic. We report here that at a clinically significant dose (20% to 30% of the estimated blood volume) of hemoglobin solution (10 gm/dl), toxicity similar to that reported in humans is produced in(More)
Cyclododecatriene (CDDT, CAS No. 4904-61-4) was administered daily by oral gavage to groups of Crl:CD (SD)IGS BR rats at dose levels of 0 (control), 30, 100, or 300 mg/kg/day. Female rats were dosed for four weeks premating, through mating, gestation, and lactation (a total of 55 to 63 days of treatment). Male rats were treated for 55 days (four weeks(More)
Osteosinthesis of femoral neck fractures achieves higher stability of fragments but additionally destroys weak vascular elements of femoral neck. Aim of this study is to analyze relation between different treatment options of impacted femoral neck fracture and avascular necrosis of femoral head. In retrospective analysis we have retrieved data from 1632(More)
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