Gregor Lenart

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In 130 growing chinchilla rabbits, the effect of various diaphyseal injuries--periosteal stripping, cortical drilling and fracture--on the growth plate and the metaphysis of the tibia was studied histologically and radiographically and with the aid of 51Cr labelled erythrocytes and the 85Sr isotope. It was found that the disturbed circulation and the venous(More)
The surgical treatment of complaints due to independent bone parts in Osgood-Schlatter disease is described. Operations inducing the removal of the independent bone piece, the abrasion of the exostosis and the excision of inflamed connective tissue in their environment, were performed in 21 cases. By the intervention all patients could be relieved from(More)
Histologic, physical and chemical analyses of the excised bony mass from a case of myositis ossificans traumatica were carried out. X-ray diffraction showed that the newly formed bone was an intermediate fluor-hydroxylapatite. Infrared spectroscopy and chemical analysis supported this finding. Contrary to articular free bodies the mineral part of the bony(More)