Gregor Leban

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Orange ( is a suite for machine learning and data mining. It can be used though scripting in Python or with visual programming in Orange Canvas using GUI components called widgets. In the demonstration we will show how to easily prototype stateof-the-art machine learning algorithms through Orange scripting, and design powerful and(More)
UNLABELLED Visual programming offers an intuitive means of combining known analysis and visualization methods into powerful applications. The system presented here enables users who are not programmers to manage microarray and genomic data flow and to customize their analyses by combining common data analysis tools to fit their needs. AVAILABILITY(More)
We describe an experiment in the application of ILP to autonomous discovery in a robotic domain. An autonomous robot is performing experiments in its world, collecting data and formulating predictive theories about this world. In particular, we are interested in the robot’s “gaining insights” through predicate invention. In the first experimental scenario(More)
Machine learning methods that can use additional knowledge in their inference process are central to the development of integrative bioinformatics. Inclusion of background knowledge improves robustness, predictive accuracy and interpretability. Recently, a set of such techniques has been proposed that use information on gene sets for supervised data mining(More)
Data visualization plays a crucial role in identifying interesting patterns in exploratory data analysis. Its use is, however, made difficult by the large number of possible data projections showing different attribute subsets that must be evaluated by the data analyst. In this paper, we introduce a method called VizRank, which is applied on classified data(More)
Event Registry is a system that can analyze news articles and identify in them mentioned world events. The system is able to identify groups of articles that describe the same event. It can identify groups of articles in different languages that describe the same event and represent them as a single event. From articles in each event it can then extract(More)
UNLABELLED VizRank is a tool that finds interesting two-dimensional projections of class-labeled data. When applied to multi-dimensional functional genomics datasets, VizRank can systematically find relevant biological patterns. AVAILABILITY SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION
Visualization can largely improve biomedical data analysis. It plays a crucial role in explorative data analysis and may support various data mining tasks. The paper presents FreeViz, an optimization method that finds linear projection and associated scatterplot that best separates instances of different class. In a single graph, the resulting FreeViz(More)
MOTIVATION Methods for analyzing cancer microarray data often face two distinct challenges: the models they infer need to perform well when classifying new tissue samples while at the same time providing an insight into the patterns and gene interactions hidden in the data. State-of-the-art supervised data mining methods often cover well only one of these(More)