Gregor Keller

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The recognition rate of holographic neural synapses, performing a pattern recognition task, is significantly higher when applied to natural, rather than artificial, images. This shortcoming of artificial images can be largely compensated for, if noise is added to the input pattern. The effect is the result of a trade-off between optimal representation of(More)
The high speed on-off performance of GaN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) grown in c-plane direction is limited by long carrier lifetimes caused by spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization. This work demonstrates that this limitation can be overcome by m-planar core-shell InGaN/GaN nanowire LEDs grown on Si(111). Time-resolved electroluminescence(More)
We present an asymmetrical InP-based three barrier resonant tunneling diode with high current density. For positive bias voltages the device operates like a symmetrical resonant tunneling diode, providing a wide region of negative differential resistance. Under zero bias condition it can be used as a sensitive high frequency detector. The nonlinearity may(More)
Today, nanowire devices are referred to as a qualified successor of CMOS electronics. Both a performance superior to silicon (Si) MOSFETs and a rational, cost-efficient technique to implement multiple nanowire devices into circuits are recommended. We propose to transfer the nanowires from a growth substrate onto a carrier or host substrate using(More)
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