Gregor Harbauer

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In routine clinical practice the assessment of suicidality proves to be difficult and complex. The aim of the present study was to examine if PRISM can be used to measure validly the person's subjectively perceived suicidality. The nonverbal visualization technique PRISM (Pictoral Representation of Illness and Self Measure) has been developed by Büchi et(More)
Aneurysms were produced by grafting a vein pouch onto the cervical carotid artery of rabbits following the removal of an elliptical piece of the arterial wall. The diameter of the opening was 3-4 mm and the maximum height 8 mm. Through direct puncture of the aneurysm a clot of the fibrin sealant Tissucol was injected into the aneurysm. The sequential(More)
Experimental aneurysms of the carotid artery were produced using the microsurgical technique of grafting a venous sack onto the artery in the neck of rabbits after the removal of an elliptical piece of arterial wall. Twenty-five aneurysms were occluded with the fibrin sealant Tissucol. Microscopic examination showed complete resorption of the fibrin clot(More)
Relative tension of the anteromedial part of the anterior cruciate ligament of five cadaver knees is measured. The ligament is taut at 80 degrees - 90 degrees flexion and loosened to a maximum at 30 degrees and 130 degrees flexion. On internal rotation it is taut at each stage of flexion, on external rotation, only at full extension and full flexion.
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