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Suicide is an important public health problem for which we have an inadequate public health database. In the United States, decisions about whether deaths are listed as suicides on death certificates are usually made by a coroner or medical examiner. These certification decisions are frequently marked by a lack of consistency and clarity, and laws and(More)
The effect of the alkylating agent 2,3,5-tris(ethyleneimino)benzoquinone (Trenimon) on the uptake of 2-aminoisobutyric acid, 1-aminocyclopentane-1-carboxylic acid (cycloleucine), 3-O-methyl-D-glucose, and 86Rb was studied. All transport studies were performed at nonsaturating conditions where the specific transport system was rate limiting for the uptake.(More)
The quality of life concerns the well-being of man and his environment. The disciplines that are an essential part of the professional activities of the forensic scientist ideally suit him to address and to find solutions for the many serious and contradictory problems facing man and his ever more complicated enviornment.
Deficiencies of various vitamin and minerals per se have been suggested as possible causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Further, a deficiency of essential minerals may lead to enhanced toxicity of toxic elements, in particular, lead and cadmium to explore the possibility of mineral deficiencies or interactions with the toxic metals, lead and(More)