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Purpose Chronic pain is the predominant condition for use of complementary medicine in Western countries. While many modalities have proven efficacy as a single intervention, therapeutical failure is often due to longer histories, comorbidities or complex etiologic conditions. Therefore, individually tailored therapies may show more efficacy, but little(More)
The effect to the local toleration of different concentrations of new non-ionic contrast media (Iopamidol 300 and 370) has been examined by means of a randomized intraindividual double-blind study and by the use of uniform parameters of application. In all cases the pain and heat effect were tolerable for the non-anaesthesized patients. The application of(More)
Municipalities in Norway need to develop an urban green structure plan. Traditional mapping has its limitation, since the land use is in focus and not the actual land cover. This study evaluated the appropriateness of using multispectral Quickbird images for the semi-automated mapping of green structures in urban and suburban areas. A Quickbird image of(More)
It is hardly ever assumed that pulmonary bleeding can be due to the presence of angioma racemosum arteriovenosum. This is not only because it is relatively rare, but also because it cannot be visualised in conventional x-ray films of the lung. It is also not accessible to more detailed and invasive lung diagnosis. Definite confirmation is only possible via(More)
A treadmill for equine locomotion analysis is described and its potential considered for locomotive research and clinical investigation. The treadmill comprised an endless belt driven by a hydraulic motor at various speeds up to 14 m/sec and the direction of belt movement was reversible. The carrying side of the belt ran over a steel-concrete table which(More)
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