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Elements related to the Tc1-like Minos mobile element have been cloned from Drosophila hydei and sequenced. Southern blot and sequence analyses show that (i) the elements are actively transposing in the Drosophila hydei germ line, (ii) they are characterized by a striking degree of sequence and size homogeneity, and (iii) like Tc1, they insert at a TA(More)
The "bobbed' (bb) mutation in Drosophila is represented phenotypically by shortened and abnormally thin scutellar bristles and by delayed development. There is a direct correlation between bristle size and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) synthesis, and the bb mutation was at first explained as a deficiency of rRNA genes (rDNA). However, the bb phenotype can occur in(More)
When planning robotic grasping and manipulation maneuvers, knowledge of the shape and pose of the object of interest is critical information. In order for an autonomous or semi-autonomous system to operate intelligently in an unstructured environment and interact with novel objects, it must have the ability to recover this information at run time, even when(More)
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