Gregor Feldbauer

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Using molecular dynamics, we simulate the abrasion process of an atomically rough Fe surface with multiple hard abrasive particles. By quantifying the nanoscopic wear depth in a time-resolved fashion, we show that Barwell's macroscopic wear law can be applied at the atomic scale. We find that in this multiasperity contact system, the Bowden-Tabor term,(More)
We consider a nanomachining process of hard, abrasive particles grinding on the rough surface of a polycrystalline ferritic work piece. Using extensive large-scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, we show that the mode of thermostating, i.e., the way that the heat generated through deformation and friction is removed from the system, has crucial impact(More)
van der Waals (vdW) forces play a fundamental role in the structure and behavior of diverse systems. Because of development of functionals that include nonlocal correlation, it is possible to study the effects of vdW interactions in systems of industrial and tribological interest. Here we simulated within the framework of density functional theory (DFT) the(More)
The presence of water in biofuels poses the question of how it affects the frictional performance of additives in fuels containing organic substances. To investigate the effect of water on the adsorption of molecules present in fuel and its additives we simulated within the framework of density functional theory the adsorption of ethanol, isooctane(More)
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