Gregor Dudle

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The Astronomical Institute of the University of Berne is hosting one of the Analysis Centers (AC) of the International GPS Service (IGS). A network of a few GPS stations in Europe and North America is routinely analyzed for time transfer purposes, using the carrier phase observations. This work is done in the framework of a joint project with the Swiss(More)
We address two issues that limit the quality of time and frequency transfer by carrier phase measurements from the Global Positioning System (GPS). The first issue is related to inconsistencies between code and phase observations. We describe and classify several types of events that can cause inconsistencies and observe that some of them are related to the(More)
It is well established that passive frequency standards operated in pulsed mode may suffer a degradation of their frequency stability due to the frequency (FM) noise of the Local Oscillator (LO). In continuously operated frequency standards, it has been shown that a similar degradation of the frequency stability may arise, depending on the used(More)
We report on the design, construction, and preliminary measurements on the resonator of a continuous Cs fountain frequency standard. The construction of the resonator is described, preliminary measurements of the available atomic flux, and of the beam temperature are presented, along with the first Ramsey fringes (width 1 Hz) obtained in this new type of(More)
PACS. 32.80Pj – Optical cooling of atoms; trapping. PACS. 42.50Vk – Mechanical effects of light on atoms, molecules, electrons, and ions. Abstract. – Starting from a 2D magneto-optical trap where cesium atoms are permanently subjected to 3D sub-Doppler cooling and 2D magneto-optical trapping, we have produced a beam of cold atoms continuously extracted(More)
This article describes the design, characterization, and performance of an electrostatic glass actuator adapted to an ultrahigh vacuum environment (10(-8) mbar). The three-phase rotary motor is used to drive a turbine that acts as a velocity-selective light trap for a slow continuous beam of laser-cooled atoms. This simple, compact, and nonmagnetic device(More)
Nouvelle réglementation sur les compteurs d'eau froide AquaPro, Bulle (CH), 5 février 2014 Wie fix sind Eichfristen? Fernwärme Schweiz, Bern (CH), 20 März 2013 Introduction à la directive européenne sur les instruments de mesure Atéliers MID pour les pays du Maghreb, Alger, 9 – 13 septembre 2013
We report on the primary frequency standard now under construction at the Observatoire de Neuchatel (ON). The design is based on a continuous fountain of laser-cooled cesium atoms, which combines two advantages: the negligible contribution of collisions to the inaccuracy and the absence of stability degradation caused by aliasing effects encountered in(More)
Up to now, UTC (CH) has been defined as a paper time scale which is computed for a single epoch every day: UTC 00:00. In 2006, we have started to phase in the hardware for a new system, still under development, which should allow us to define UTC (CH) as a real time scale generated by a master clock, i.e. a time scale defined for all epochs. The new system(More)
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