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—We report on the design, construction, and preliminary measurements on the resonator of a continuous Cs fountain frequency standard. The construction of the resonator is described , preliminary measurements of the available atomic flux, and of the beam temperature are presented, along with the first Ramsey fringes (width 1 Hz) obtained in this new type of(More)
Nouvelle réglementation sur les compteurs d'eau froide AquaPro, Bulle (CH), 5 février 2014 Wie fix sind Eichfristen? Fernwärme Schweiz, Bern (CH), 20 März 2013 Introduction à la directive européenne sur les instruments de mesure Atéliers MID pour les pays du Maghreb, Alger, 9 – 13 septembre 2013
—It is well established that passive frequency standards operated in pulsed mode may suffer a degradation of their frequency stability due to the frequency (FM) noise of the Local Os-cillator (LO). In continuously operated frequency standards, it has been shown that a similar degradation of the frequency stability may arise, depending on the used(More)
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