Gregor Bruggmoser

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It has been shown from an evaluation of the inverse reading of the dosemeter (1/M) against the inverse of the polarizing voltage (1/V), obtained with a number of commercially available ionization chambers, using dose per pulse values between 0.16 and 5 mGy, that a linear relationship between the recombination correction factor kS and dose per pulse (DPP)(More)
PURPOSE We retrospectively analyzed the impact of intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) on long-term survival in patients with resectable gastric cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS From 1991 to 2001, a total of 84 patients with gastric neoplasms underwent gastectomy or subtotal resection with IORT (23 Gy, 6-15 MeV; IORT-positive [IORT(+)] group). Patients(More)
BACKGROUND Every day a large amount of data is produced within a radiotherapy department. Although this data is available in one form or other within the centralised systems, it is often not in the form which is of interest to the departmental staff. This work presents a flexible browser based reporting and visualization system for clinical and scientific(More)
Die Arbeit im Bereich der Strahlentherapie ist hauptsächlich dadurch geprägt, dass täglich eine Vielzahl z.T. komplexer Arbeitsabläufe bewältigt und dabei hohe Sicherheitsanforderungen erfüllt werden müssen. Dieser Sachverhalt und stetig wachsender ökonomischer Druck zwingen uns, neue Strategien zu entwickeln, die unsere Arbeitsabläufe optimieren und deren(More)
Compared to surgery alone, postoperative radiotherapy leads with glioblastomas (grade IV gliomas) to a significant improvement of the therapeutic results. The prolongation of survival time, however, is to a large extent compensated by the therapy itself (it normally implicates hospitalisation). Therefore, we tested the efficiency of rapid course irradiation(More)
IN VITRO ASSAY OF RADIORESPONSE OF HUMAN TUMORS W. H i n k e l b e i n , M. B e r g . , A. WUrd inger , H.H. F i e b i g ( g r a n t e d by DFG, Hi 3 6 8 / I I ) The " r a d i o s e n s i t i v i t y " o f human tumors e s t a b l i s h e d in s e r i a l passage in nude mice was t e s t e d by a m o d i f i e d HAMBURGER and SALMON c o l o n y assay . A l(More)