Gregor Berginc

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We present integration mechanisms for combining heterogeneous components in a situated information processing system, illustrated by a cognitive robot able to collaborate with a human and display some understanding of its surroundings. These mechanisms include an architectural schema that encourages parallel and incre-mental information processing, and a(More)
With the growing interest in object categorization various methods have emerged that perform well in this challenging task, yet are inherently limited to only a moderate number of object classes. In pursuit of a more general cat-egorization system this paper proposes a way to overcome the computational complexity encompassing the enormous number of(More)
The paper presents an approach to using structural descriptions, obtained through a human-robot tutoring dialogue, as labels for the visual object models a robot learns. The paper shows how structural descriptions enable relating models for different aspects of one and the same object, and how being able to relate descriptions for visual models and(More)
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