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PROSE is a knowledge-based configurator platform for telecommunications products. Its outstanding feature is a product knowledge base written in C-Classic, a frame-based knowledge representation system in the KL-ONE family of languages. It is the first successful product using a KL-ONE style language that we know of. Unlike previous configurator(More)
Traditionally, data quality programs have acted as a preprocessing stage to make data suitable for a data mining or analysis operation. Recently, data quality concepts have been applied to databases that support business operations such as provisioning and billing. Incorporating business rules that drive operations and their associated data processes is(More)
ACE, a system for Automated Cable Expertise, is a Knowledge-Based Expert System designed to provide trouble-shooting reports and management analyses for telephone cable maintenance. Design decisions faced during the construction of ACE were guided by recent successes in expert systems technology, most notably R1/XC0N, the Digital Equipment Corporation VAX(More)
ACE (Automated Cable Expertise) is a knowledge-based expert system that provides trouble-shooting and diagnostic reports for telephone company managers. Its application domain is telephone cable maintenance. ACE departs from standard expert system architecture in that a separate data base system is used as its primary source of information. ACE designers(More)
Conceptual clustering enhances the value of existing databases by revealing patterns in the data. These patterns may be useful for understanding trends, making predictions of future events from historical data, or synthesizing data records into meaningful clusters. LODE (Learning On Database Environments) is an incremental conceptual clustering program. The(More)
Energy conservation and reliability of wireless communications are two crucial requirements of practical sensor networks. Radio duty cycling is a widely used mechanism to reduce energy consumption of sensor devices and to increase the lifetime of the network. A side effect of radio duty cycling is that it can cause the wireless communications to be(More)
OKIES is an expert system that troubleshoots newly assembled AT&T 3B2 computer systems. All AT&T 3B2 models and configurations are analyzed by OKIES. The expert system uses an architecture-based design to apply the same knowledge to different machines. An architectural model of the machine is constructed when the session begins. This model is used(More)