Gregg S Weinberg

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Over the past three decades, the influence and importance of social support has been well documented and the findings have suggested a beneficial effect on stress-related situations, mental and physical health, and social functioning. More recently, small group/skills training behavioral interventions have demonstrated success in changing behaviors which(More)
This study examined the immediate effects of exposure to a patient education brochure concerning the risks and benefits of zidovudine (ZDV) therapy during pregnancy to reduce perinatal HIV transmission (protocol ACTG 076) on related knowledge, behavioural intentions and attitudes of women with and at-risk for HIV-infection. Self-reports were collected from(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluates the stresses and satisfactions experienced by health care and social service providers working in HIV/AIDS service agencies in New York City. This study was part of the Ryan White Title I Evaluation in New York City. METHODS This study is based on semi-structured interviews with 86 randomly sampled providers from a(More)
This study evaluated the Rapid Response System, an initiative designed to link people living with HIV/AIDS with mental health services at an AIDS service organization. Data were extracted from agency records for 314 clients who had contact with the Rapid Response System over a 6-month period. Of the 281 clients who scheduled an appointment for an evaluation(More)
The Ryan White Title I Personnel Needs Study described here is an evaluation of the human resource needs of HIV/AIDS service agencies in New York City. The research presented here was conducted in collaboration with researchers from the Medical and Health Research Association and the New York City Department of Health and the Planning and Evaluation(More)
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