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Protein farnesyl transferase and geranylgeranyl transferase-I activities were determined in gray and white matter from various regions of bovine brain. Farnesyl transferase activity was 3-8 times greater than geranylgeranyl transferase-I activity. However, farnesyl transferase activity was about 2 times greater in the white matter than in the gray matter in(More)
A recently isolated hitherto unknown Clostridium from human feces, designated Clostridium "scindens" (formerly strain 19), synthesizes at least two enzymes active on the side-chain of the steroid molecule and two enzymes active on the hydroxyl groups of the 7-position of bile acids. Steroid desmolase, responsible for side-chain cleavage of corticoids, and(More)
A strain of Clostridium sporogenes, an anaerobic bacterium, isolated from sewage in New York City synthesizes two constitutive enzymes with action on steroid molecules: (i) an enzyme capable of selectively acetylating the 21-hydroxyl function of certain steroids and (ii) the corresponding esterase. Under our experimental conditions the enzymes have a strict(More)
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