Gregg Martin

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We describe five cases of traumatic asphyxiation injury, each meeting diagnostic criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and characterized by a range of postinjury cognitive impairment. Four patients exhibited dense retrograde amnesia, including absence of conscious memory for the traumatic event. Appreciation of these asphyxiation cases, which(More)
Information privacy has gained increased attention in recent years. This paper focuses on a particular aspect of privacy, i.e., personal information privacy. In this paper a conceptual framework is developed based Westin's theory of Personal Information Privacy (PIP). Concourse theory and Q-methodology was used alongside the literature and the New Zealand(More)
This study of DSM-III-R personality disorder (PD) classification provides an empirical approach to determine (1) the discriminative power of each criterion and (2) the optimal number of criteria needed to diagnose the presence of each PD. A semistructured assessment of 110 outpatients was performed for the 11 PDs and their 104 diagnostic criteria.(More)
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