Gregg M. Townsend

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Toba is a system for generating efficient standalone Java applications. Toba includes a Java-bytecode-to-C compiler, a garbage collector, a threads package, and Java API support. Toba-compiled Java applications execute 1.5–10 times faster than interpreted and Just-In-Time compiled applications.
This paper presents an implementation of the novel watermarking method proposed by Venkatesan, Vazirani, and Sinha in their recent paper A Graph Theoretic Approach to Software Watermarking. An executable program is marked by the addition of code for which the topology of the control-flow graph encodes a watermark. We discuss issues that were identified(More)
Current malware is often transmitted in packed or encrypted form to prevent examination by anti-virus software.To analyze new malware, researchers typically resort to dynamic code analysis techniques to unpack the code for examination.Unfortunately, these dynamic techniques are susceptible to a variety of anti-monitoring defenses, as well as "time bombs" or(More)
Fingerprinting embeds a secret message into a cover message. In media fingerprinting, the secret is usually a copyright notice and the cover a digital image. Fingerprinting an object discourages intellectual property theft, or when such theft has occurred, allows us to prove ownership. The Software Fingerprinting problem can be described as follows. Embed(More)
Metamorphic malware apply semantics-preserving transformations to their own code in order to foil detection systems based on signature matching. In this paper we consider the problem of automatically extract metamorphic signatures from these malware. We introduce a semantics for self-modifying code, later called phase semantics, and prove its correctness by(More)
The management of storage — allocation and garbage collection — is intended to be transparent to the programmer and user, placing the burden on the implementation. In most situations, the Icon programmer does not need to think about the allocation of storage or its consequences on program performance. Nonetheless, in cases where the amount of memory is(More)
SR is a language for programming distributed systems ranging from operating systems to application programs. On the basis of our experience with the initial version, the language has evolved considerably. In this paper we describe the current version of SR and give an overview of its implementation. The main language constructs are still resources and(More)
Two key features in the Icon programming language are tables and sets. An Icon program may use one large set or table, or thousands of small ones. To improve space and time performance for these diverse uses, their hashed data structures were reimplemented to dynamically resize during execution, reducing the minimum space requirement and achieving(More)