Gregg J Gagliardi

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Vertex evoked potentials (40--500 ms) elicited by painful dental stimulation were compared with those elicited by innocuous auditory stimuli across three rates of stimulus repetition: one second, four seconds, and eight seconds. In both modalities peak amplitude of the major waveform components increased linearly over log rate as stimulus repetition was(More)
Procedure for prolapsing hemorrhoids (PPH) and stapled transanal rectal resection for obstructed defecation (STARR) carry low postoperative pain, but may be followed by unusual and severe postoperative complications. This review deals with the pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of adverse events that may occasionally be life threatening. PPH and STARR(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite large numbers of mentally ill offenders in prisons, few studies of mentally ill offenders released from prison have been conducted. This study describes such a population of mentally ill offenders, the postrelease services they received, new offenses they committed, and factors associated with recidivism. METHODS The authors reviewed(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic anal fissure (CAF) is a painful condition that is unlikely to resolve with conventional conservative management. Previous studies have reported that topical treatment of CAF with glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) reduces pain and promotes healing, but optimal treatment duration is unknown. METHODS To assess the effect of different treatment(More)
The effect of low frequency electrical acupunctural stimulation on the perception of induced dental pain were compared in two cultural settings. Twenty Japanese and 20 American subjects (consisting of 10 Caucasians and 10 second or third generation Japanese) were tested in two functionally identical laboratories, one at Tottori University in Yonago, Japan(More)
Four experiments were conducted to examine the individual and combined effects of pargyline and tryptophan on the duration of tonic immobility in chickens. Injection of either compound alone produced a dose-dependent potentiation of tonic immobility. However, combined administration of pargyline and tryptophan resulted in a dramatic attenuation of the(More)
The analgesic effects of the synthetic opiate fentanyl citrate (0.1 mg) on subjective pain reports (SPR) and late-wave event-related potentials (ERP) recorded during painful dental stimulation were examined in human subjects. Such waves have been shown to reflect the contribution of cognitive variables, such as expectancy and belief, to perception. In(More)