Gregg A. Snedden

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The Mississippi River Delta (MRD) has undergone tremendous land loss over the past century due to natural and anthropogenic influences, a fate shared by many river deltas globally. A globally unprecedented effort to restore and sustain the remaining subaerial portions of the delta is now underway, an endeavor that is expected to cost $50-100B over the next(More)
Estuarine navigation channels have long been recognized as conduits for saltwater intrusion into coastal wetlands. Salt flux decomposition and time series measurements of velocity and salinity were used to examine salt flux components and drivers of baroclinic and barotropic exchange in the Houma Navigation Channel, an estuarine channel located in the(More)
PURPOSE: This technical note presents the results of a pilot study evaluating the efficacy of using an image-derived, vegetative lateral obscuration ratio as an indicator of wave and flow hindrance in coastal Louisiana. The note discusses: (1) field methodology and equipment used to take the lateral photo, (2) comparisons between two different image(More)
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