Gregg A Martin

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Coping with the death of a pediatric patient with whom the nurses has developed a close relationship is reported by nurses as the most stressful experience of being a pediatric nurse. Such losses are inevitable for a pediatric nurse regardless of subspecialty and can contribute to a nurse leaving the specialty or the discipline. To prevent those(More)
We describe five cases of traumatic asphyxiation injury, each meeting diagnostic criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and characterized by a range of postinjury cognitive impairment. Four patients exhibited dense retrograde amnesia, including absence of conscious memory for the traumatic event. Appreciation of these asphyxiation cases, which(More)
40 women were taught to use self-statements to cope with pain caused by ice water. The trainer used four different strategies for reassigning a homework task of using self-statements to cope with pain produced by immersing one hand in ice water. The strategies were equally effective in eliciting compliance with the homework assignment.
This study of DSM-III-R personality disorder (PD) classification provides an empirical approach to determine (1) the discriminative power of each criterion and (2) the optimal number of criteria needed to diagnose the presence of each PD. A semistructured assessment of 110 outpatients was performed for the 11 PDs and their 104 diagnostic criteria.(More)
Ectopic ependymomas are uncommon neoplasms, and most of them occur in the sacrococcygeal area. They usually present as subcutaneous sacral masses. The most common histological subtype is the myxopapillary. We describe a case of anaplastic sacrococcygeal ependymoma metastatic to the lungs diagnosed by fine-needle aspiration biopsy.
To investigate coping strategies taught in childbirth education classes, a study was conducted to nulliparous women immersing their hands in ice water. Length of tolerance and self-reported pain served as measures of the techniques' effectiveness. Results in Experiment 1 showed structured breathing to be more effective than normal breathing. Effleurage was(More)
The study objective was to identify a set of personality disorder (PD) criteria from the DSM PD diagnostic sets that can be used to detect subjects with an increased likelihood of having a PD diagnosis. In a series of outpatients evaluated systematically in two waves for every criteria item for 12 DSM-III-R PDs, stepwise logistic regression identified 45(More)