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§ The Editor-in-Chief does not recommend the usage of the term " East Sea " in place of " Japan Sea ". (TWC). Although the TWC is confined to approximately the top 200 m in the JES because of the shallow sill depth in the KTS, the TWC is thought to impact the formation of fronts and eddies and to have a major effect on the circulation in the Ulleung Basin.(More)
Reliable forecasts for the dispersion of oceanic contamination are important for coastal ecosystems, society, and the economy as evidenced by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and the Fukushima nuclear plant incident in the Pacific Ocean in 2011. Accurate prediction of pollutant pathways and concentrations at the ocean surface(More)
Ocean prediction systems rely on an array of assumptions to optimize their data assimilation schemes. Many of these remain untested, especially at smaller scales, because sufficiently dense observations are very rare. A set of 295 drifters deployed in July 2012 in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico provides a unique opportunity to test these systems down to(More)
Co-Principal Investigators: John P. Blaha, NAVOCEANO, (228) 688-5187, blaha@euclid.navo.navy.mil George H. Born, CCAR Univ. of Colorado, (303) 492-8638, georgeb@orbit.colorado.edu Norman L. Guinasso, Jr., GERG, Texas A.& M., (409) 862-2323, norman@gergl1.tamu.edu Gregg A. Jacobs, OAWG, Naval Res. Lab., (228) 688-4720, Jacobs@proteus.nrlssc.navy.mil Frank J.(More)
TOPEX/Poseidon has been collecting altimeter data continuously since October 1992. Altimeter data have been used to produce maps of sea surface height, geostrophic velocity, significant wave height, and wind speed. This information is of proven use to mariners as well as to the scientific community. Uses of the data include commercial and recreational(More)
LONG-TERM GOAL Recent discovery of the delay/Doppler technique (Raney, 1996) opens new opportunities for radar altimetry. This new technique promises relatively fine spatial resolution, greater precision, substantially improved tracking and measurement accuracy near coastlines and surface feature contrasts, and reduced on-board power requirements. These(More)
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