Greger Lindberg

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This investigation describes the expression and interindividual variability in transcript levels of multiple drug efflux systems in the human jejunum and compares the expression profiles in these cells with that of the commonly used Caco-2 cell drug absorption model. Transcript levels of ten-drug efflux proteins of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS This study investigated the efficacy of gastric electrical stimulation for the treatment of symptomatic gastroparesis unresponsive to standard medical therapy. METHODS Thirty-three patients with chronic gastroparesis (17 diabetic and 16 idiopathic) received continuous high-frequency/low-energy gastric electrical stimulation via(More)
BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes mellitus and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease have common antecedents. Since markers of inflammation predict coronary heart disease and are raised in patients with type 2 diabetes, we investigated whether they predict whether people will develop type 2 diabetes. METHODS 12,330 men and women, aged 45-64 years, were followed(More)
UNLABELLED The long-term survival of subjects with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in comparison with both individuals with elevated transaminases attributable to other causes and the general poulation is poorly characterized. This study was undertaken to determine the frequency of NAFLD in a cohort of subjects who underwent liver biopsy from 1980(More)
We have published previously a prototype of a decision model for anaemic patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), in which transfusion need and serum erythropoietin (S-Epo) were used to define three groups with different probabilities of erythroid response to treatment with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) + Epo. S-Epo </= 500 U/l and a(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS--The course of primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is highly variable and unpredictable. This study describes the natural history and outcome of PSC. These data were used to construct a prognostic model for patients with PSC. METHODS--A total of 305 Swedish patients with PSC were studied. The median follow up time was 63 (1-194) months and(More)
BACKGROUND Little information is available about the health-related quality of life (QoL) in patients with different types of chronic constipation. METHODS We used two self-administered questionnaires, the Psychological General Well-Being (PGWB) index and the Gastrointestinal Symptom Rating Scale (GSRS) to assess QoL and gastrointestinal symptoms in 102(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is regarded as a functional bowel disorder. Few studies have looked for histopathologic changes in the gut and only then in biopsy specimens from intestinal mucosa. Because bowel function is governed mainly by nerve plexuses in the bowel wall, we have investigated full-thickness bowel biopsy specimens in(More)
Evidence for the effectiveness of existing treatments of patients with eating disorders is weak. Here we describe and evaluate a method of treatment in a randomized controlled trial. Sixteen patients, randomly selected out of a group composed of 19 patients with anorexia nervosa and 13 with bulimia nervosa, were trained to eat and recognize satiety by using(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate a simplified scoring system as an aid to the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. DESIGN Open prospective study. SETTING County district hospital, and university hospital, Sweden. SUBJECTS 1167 Patients with suspected appendicitis. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Correlation between scoring system and final diagnosis. RESULTS A total of(More)