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The potential for using growth strain measured at the stem periphery of standing plantation-grown Eucalyptus globulus Labill. trees as a non-destructive detection method for tension wood was assessed. Two trials were conducted 12 months apart in a 10 to 11 year-old provenance trial of E. globulus located in the Mt. Gambier region of south-eastern Australia.(More)
OBJECTIVES Cloth diapers with front closure and all-in-one design were compared with paper diapers containing absorbent gel material for their influence on fecal contamination of the environment in licensed child day care centers. METHODS One infant room and two toddler rooms in each of four day care centers were monitored for the presence of fecal(More)
This study examined a theory constructed to describe the offense process of women who sexually offend-the Descriptive Model of Female Sexual Offending (DMFSO). In particular, this report sets out to establish whether the original three pathways (or offending styles) identified within United Kingdom convicted female sexual offenders and described within the(More)
In this study, modern all-in-one, front closure, reusable cloth diapers were compared with single-use, disposable paper diapers for their effect on fecal contamination in the child day care environment. Four licensed child day care centers were surveyed from which 1722 bacterial samples were cultured. The frequency of isolation of fecal organisms ranged(More)
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