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This paper describes a new version of the DEN-ng context model, and how this model in conjunction with the DEN-ng policy model can be used for more effective and flexible context management. Both are part of the FOCALE autonomic network architecture. Context selects policies, which select roles that can be used, which in turn define allowed functionality(More)
The standard definition of autonomics is that of self-governance, including such properties as self-configuring, self-healing and self-optimizing. To really enable self-anything, however, we must first deliver another 'self-' property-self-knowledge. We define self-knowledge as information about a system enabling it to reason on its own capabilities and(More)
Autonomic and other system management technologies must ascertain the current state of a managed system comprising interconnected but at times independent and diverse managed entities. When an autonomic manager is introduced into a running system, state bootstrapping is required. One challenge involved in state bootstrapping is balancing the need to have(More)
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