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The delivery of healthcare relies on the sharing of patient information between those who are providing for the care of the patient and this information is increasingly being expressed in terms of a 'record'. Further, it is desirable that these records are available in electronic form as Electronic HealthCare Records. As it is likely that patient records or(More)
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) provides an unprecedented window into the complex functioning of the human brain, typically detailing the activity of thousands of voxels during hundreds of sequential time points. Unfortunately , the interpretation of fMRI is complicated due both to the relatively unknown connection between the hemodynamic(More)
The progress of future e-business and e-commerce will depend on the ability of our legal institutions to protect general users from cyber crimes. While there has been substantial progress in the development and implementation of tools for detecting and preventing cyber attacks, there is a lack of effective methodologies to prosecute the perpetrators of(More)
The advanced instrument workstation (AIW) is one of a number of system modules developed in the OpenLabs project, offering advanced services that complement the basic services available from laboratory information systems (LIS) in general. The AIW services relate to instrument interfacing, user interfacing, quality control, calibration verification, patient(More)
A1 Functional advantages of cell-type heterogeneity in neural circuits Tatyana O. Sharpee A2 Mesoscopic modeling of propagating waves in visual cortex Alain Destexhe A3 Dynamics and biomarkers of mental disorders Mitsuo Kawato F1 Precise recruitment of spiking output at theta frequencies requires dendritic h-channels in multi-compartment models of(More)
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