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In order to more efficiently represent image editing in multimedia databases, research has been performed to determine the usefulness of storing one image file as a base along with a set of operations that represent the modifications to the image that occured during editing. Because any editor should be able to produce and interpret them, these operations(More)
One of the most widely used models for large-scale data mining is the k-nearest neighbor (k-nn) algorithm. It can be used for classification, regression, density estimation, and information retrieval. To use k-nn, a practitioner must first choose k, usually selecting the k with the minimal loss estimated by cross-validation. In this work, we begin with an(More)
Because most complex genetic diseases are caused by defects of cell signaling, illuminating a signaling cascade is essential for understanding their mechanisms. We present three novel computational algorithms to reconstruct signaling networks between a starting protein and an ending protein using genome-wide protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks and(More)
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