Greg R. Ziegler

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Seedling establishment and seed nutritional quality require the sequestration of sufficient element nutrients. The identification of genes and alleles that modify element content in the grains of cereals, including sorghum (Sorghum bicolor), is fundamental to developing breeding and selection methods aimed at increasing bioavailable element content and(More)
Project Goals: " A Systems-Level Analysis of Drought and Density Response in the Model C4 Grass Setaria viridis ". The specific aims of the proposal are to: 1) Identify QTL for the effect of drought and density on biomass and seed yield components of Setaria. 2) Conduct in–depth physiological profiles in roots and leaves of a subset of selected lines 3)(More)
The elemental content of a soybean seed is a determined by both genetic and environmental factors and is an important component of its nutritional value. The elemental content is stable, making the samples stored in germplasm repositories an intriguing source of experimental material. To test the efficacy of using samples from germplasm banks for gene(More)
The growing number of genotyped populations, the advent of high-throughput phenotyping techniques and the development of GWAS analysis software has rapidly accelerated the number of GWAS experimental results. Candidate gene discovery from these results files is often tedious, involving many manual steps searching for genes in windows around a significant(More)
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