Greg Powell

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A controversy exists regarding the classification of nonorganic failure to thrive within the psychiatric nomenclature. There are a number of DSM-III-R diagnoses that may be applied to NOFTT, including Reactive Attachment Disorder of Infancy (RADI) and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The behaviors characteristic of NOFTT are symptomatic of depression, and(More)
Large-scale tree improvement programs began in the 1950s. Tree improvement is now part of operational silviculture programs in many companies and countries around the world and tree breeding programs have produced very impressive results: (1) realized gains in plantations being established today of some 40–50 % in volume yield above unimproved material for(More)
Ultrastructural studies of brain and sural nerve biopsy specimens from a patient with Krabbe's disease disclosed periodically constricted or twisted tubules in addition to the more abundant and characteristic crystalloid and prismatic structures within macrophages. It is suggested that the twisted tubules may result from the intracellular accumulation of(More)
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