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BACKGROUND A case report is a narrative that describes, for medical, scientific, or educational purposes, a medical problem experienced by one or more patients. Case reports written without guidance from reporting standards are insufficiently rigorous to guide clinical practice or to inform clinical study design. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE Develop, disseminate,(More)
Purpose To examine the relationship between improved vitamin D status and reported severity of chronic pain. Methods Prospective observational study over 12 weeks of 252 patients with pain of any source lasting more than 6 months who sought integrative medicine evaluation and treatment at one of 9 Bravenet clinical sites across the United States.(More)
Purpose To examine the relationship between vitamin D status, reported vitamin D intake and body mass index in female health care employees. Methods Prospective observation study of 10,646 employees of a Midwestern integrated health care system who were measured for 25-OH-vitamin D by CLIA technology. Results A total of 5,628 women (aged 15-49) met(More)
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