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Richard Stallman's idealistic and reflective " GNU Manifesto, " 1 drawn up in unhappy reaction to the spread of proprietary, closed-source commercial software. Frustrated by the dampening of an earlier atmosphere of open software collaboration, Stallman championed the notion of freely sharing one's work as a matter of principle, and he offered a brilliant(More)
The effects of varying the strength of bupivacaine used in epidurals for the relief of labour pain was examined. The trial randomly allocated sixty women in the first stage of labour to one of three groups. All women were of ASA status 1 or 2 and had uncomplicated pregnancies. Subjects in each group received pethidine 25 mg in 10 ml of either 0.125%,(More)
In pervasive computing, devices or peers may implement or compose services using services from other devices or peers, and may use components from various sources. A composition trust binding is a prescriptive set of rules which defines the combination of allowable components for a particular service or application. Composition trust bindings can be used to(More)
PURPOSE To assess the potential advantage of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) over conformal planning for postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy in patients with gastric carcinoma. METHODS AND MATERIALS Twenty patients who had undergone treatment planning with conformal beam arrangements for 4500 cGy adjuvant radiotherapy between 2000 and 2001(More)
An Australia-wide survey of the use of postoperative analgesia in neonates has been conducted. A high overall use of analgesia has been recorded with 75% of respondents prescribing an opioid. The frequency of use of local or regional analgesia was disappointingly low at 8% overall. The general attitude is that analgesia is desirable but a fear of(More)
Magnesium diboride, MgB2, has a relatively high superconducting transition temperature, placing it between the families of low- and high-temperature (copper oxide based) superconductors. Supercurrent flow in MgB2 is unhindered by grain boundaries, making it potentially attractive for technological applications in the temperature range 20-30 K. But in the(More)
When participating in online communities and ad hoc interactions, peer trust is based on societal relationships where identity alone is typically insufficient. We propose a new method for automatic establishment of peer trust that is suitable for peer-to-peer and ad-hoc networking applications which overcomes the shortcomings of existing approaches. This(More)
First order ferromagnetic (FM) to antiferromagnetic (AFM) phase transition in doped CeFe2 alloys is studied with the micro-Hall probe technique. Clear visual evidence of magnetic phase coexistence on micrometer scales and the evolution of this phase coexistence as a function of temperature, magnetic field, and time across the first order FM-AFM transition(More)
Due to the ever increasing complexity of wireless network design, wireless network simulation engines have become a necessary tool for wireless network engineers. A signal-strength prediction system lies at the foundation of every wireless simulator, making signal-strength prediction for microcells and picocells an important research topic in the radio(More)