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DISCLAIMER T he mention of company or product names in this document is not to be considered an endorse­ ment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The use of the terms " extraction, " " benefi­ ciation, " and " mineral processing " in this document are not intended to classify any waste stream for the purposes of regulatory interpretation or(More)
Ten years ago, the term component software meant something relatively specific and concrete. A small number of software component frameworks more or less defined the concept for most people. Today, few terms in the software industry are less precise than component software. There are now many different forms of software componentry for many different(More)
Our laboratory has been developing computer programs that help medical technologists improve their performance of the microscope-based immunofluorescence assay for antinuclear antibodies (ANA). This image-based laboratory test has been associated with poor reproducibility. We have previously described our first program, ANA-Tutor, which systematically(More)
Considerable recent cartographic research has focussed upon the theory, methods, and cartometry associated with the generalization of line features on maps. The inverse of the generalization transformation, enhancement, has received comparatively little attention with a few notable exceptions which use fractal methods. This study implements Dutton's(More)
This publication is provided strictly subject to Auckland Regional Council's (ARC) copyright and other intellectual property rights (if any) in the publication. Users of the publication may only access, reproduce and use the publication, in a secure digital medium or hard copy, for responsible genuine non-commercial purposes relating to personal, public(More)
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