Greg Nicholls

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This study was designed to investigate the effect of Cued Speech on the speech reception abilities of profoundly hearing-impaired children under seven conditions of presentation: audition; lipreading; audition and lipreading; cues; audition and cues; lipreading and cues; and audition, lipreading, and cues. The 18 subjects had been taught through the use of(More)
This study assessed the effectiveness of a writing task designed to foster self-regulatory coping with stressful experiences to reduce medical clinic visits and to promote adjustment. Students entering college (N = 122) who were classified as optimists or pessimists by using a dispositional optimism measure participated in a self-regulation task (expressing(More)
We surveyed 158 college freshmen on an urban campus to determine their sexual practices and their knowledge and attitudes about acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Many students (47%) were heterosexually active; 1% were homosexual, 1% were bisexual, and 51% had not been sexually active. Among the 77 sexually active students, many engaged in(More)
The bacteriology of anorectal sepsis in a district general hospital has been reviewed to see whether the information gained helped patient management. Forty-six patients with anorectal sepsis were reviewed, underlying fistulas were identified in nine patients (19.5%). Bacteroides species were not routinely subtyped in the department. It was found that(More)
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