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A s the above vignette illustrates, the future of citizen science will likely be inextricably linked to emerging technologies. By spanning multiple spatial, temporal, and social scales, and by being designed to achieve a number of different outcomes, citizen-science projects will need to adopt new technologies to allow participants and organizers to(More)
—Data quality is a primary concern for researchers employing a public participation in scientific research (PPSR) or " citizen science " approach. This mode of scientific collaboration relies on contributions from a large, often unknown population of volunteers with variable expertise. In a survey of PPSR projects, we found that most projects employ(More)
Harmful invasive non-native species are a significant threat to native species and ecosystems, and the costs associated with non-native species in the United States is estimated at over $120 Billion/year. While some local or regional databases exist for some taxonomic groups, there are no effective geographic databases designed to detect and monitor all(More)
We studied the differential response to inhaled salbutamol and ipratropium of 29 asthmatic patients, 18 intrinsic, 11 extrinsic, using peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), and forced vital capacity (FVC). Thirty minutes after a theoretically maximally bronchodilating dose of salbutamol (400 microgram) or(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relative efficacy of three disposable plastic instruments in the retrieval of 'missing' IUCD threads. DESIGN A prospective randomised comparative single centre study. SETTING Family Planning Clinic in London, UK. SUBJECTS 217 of 350 IUCD users referred to the research team with 'missing' IUCD threads entered the study. (More)
The effect on carotid chemoreceptor activity of alterations in PaCO2 oscillations produced by venous CO2 loading via the small intestines was studied in anaesthetised cats, which were paralysed and ventilated at constant frequency. Changes in PaCO2 oscillations were assessed from continuously recorded oscillations of arterial pH. Chemoreceptor activity was(More)
A prospective study of approximately 2000 consecutive deliveries at a north London hospital, with a mixed population distribution of Caucasian, British and Irish, Indian and West Indian mothers was made between May 1975 and August 1976. Most of the results are based on 1322 births of known gestational age. Babies of Indian mothers were found to be(More)