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A s the above vignette illustrates, the future of citizen science will likely be inextricably linked to emerging technologies. By spanning multiple spatial, temporal, and social scales, and by being designed to achieve a number of different outcomes, citizen-science projects will need to adopt new technologies to allow participants and organizers to(More)
—Data quality is a primary concern for researchers employing a public participation in scientific research (PPSR) or " citizen science " approach. This mode of scientific collaboration relies on contributions from a large, often unknown population of volunteers with variable expertise. In a survey of PPSR projects, we found that most projects employ(More)
  • Michael B Kowalsky, M B Kowalsky, J Doetsch, J Ajo-Franklin, C Doughty, T M Daley +15 others
  • 2013
Dr. Kowalsky's research involves the development of approaches for the integrated characterization, modeling, and monitoring of subsurface processes in applications including environmental remediation, gas hydrates, nuclear waste disposal, and CO 2 sequestration. He has experience applying numerical, geostatistical, and inverse modeling techniques to a(More)