Greg N. Ward

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Dry matter intakes (DMI), nutrient selection, and milk production responses of dairy cows grazing 3 herbage-based diets offered at 2 allowances were measured. The 2 allowances were 20 (low) and 30 (high) kg of dry matter (DM)/cow per day and these were applied to 3 herbage types: perennial ryegrass (PRG) and chicory (CHIC+) monocultures and a mixed sward of(More)
Chicory (Cichorum intybus L.) is a summer-active forage herb which has been proposed as an option to increase summer feed supply, increase dry matter intake, nutrient intake, and milk yield from nonirrigated dairy production systems in southern Australia. Dry matter intake, nutrient intake, milk yield, and yield of milk fat and protein of predominantly(More)
Continued improvements in home grown forage consumption are needed to support the long-term profitability of the dairy industry in southern Australia. Most home grown forage currently comes from perennial ryegrass pastures, which have significant limitations in the southern Australia environment. These limitations threaten future productivity gains, and we(More)
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