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A telephone survey of all non-governmental obstetricians, family physicians, general practitioners, and osteopathic physicians in rural Arizona was undertaken to determine the effects of medical liability issues on the availability of rural obstetrical services. One hundred ninety-one (88.8%) responded, and after exclusion of those who had never provided(More)
modern snake oil merchants and science fiction enthusiasts, humans have long dreamt of overcoming death, or at least putting it off for a few years. 1 Recent breakthroughs in the understanding of aging have led some to believe that aging can be dramatically slowed, and researchers, such as Cambridge-based Aubrey de Grey, are suggesting that it could be(More)
Variety Specific Agronomy Packages (VSAP) – DAN00129 Take home message: • Grain yield and grain protein concentration of wheat in a specific situation are generally negatively correlated. However initial investigations in 2011 indicate that the wheat variety LongReach Spitfire may have a greater grain protein concentration at a given yield level relative to(More)
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