Greg Maguire

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In the present study we measured calcium-dependent, vesicular glutamate release, and calcium-independent, transport-mediated glutamate release patterns in the vertebrate retina to better understand the sources of elevated glutamate in neural tissue under ischemic conditions. A potassium concentration of 40 mM, which mimics the extracellular potassium(More)
The spatial distribution of ion channels within amacrine cells of the tiger salamander retina was studied using patch recording in the retinal slice preparation. By focally puffing kainate, GABA and glycine at amacrine cell processes in the inner plexiform layer, it was determined that the cell's glutamate receptors were located in a confined region of the(More)
The actin cytoskeleton is an important contributor to the integrity of cellular shape and responses in neurons. However, the molecular mechanisms associated with functional interactions between the actin cytoskeleton and neuronal ion channels are largely unknown. Whole-cell and single channel recording techniques were thus applied to identified retinal(More)
The mechanisms underlying the conversion of prolonged glutamate release from ribbon synapses in bipolar cells to sustained and transient excitatory postsynaptic responses in identified retinal amacrine cells were studied in tiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) retina. A retina slice preparation with whole cell patch recording techniques under voltage- and(More)
Developers of new medications need to describe and predict the functional attributes of test compounds administered to cells, animals, and humans. Today, researchers increasingly appreciate the role that intermediary products (i.e., metabolites) generated in the course of various metabolic pathways play in both health and disease states and how their(More)
  • Jan A Olafsen, Laure Villeneuve, Chantal Cahu, José Zambonino, Enric Gisbert, Mike Hall +45 others
  • 2004
Aquaculture in Australia has developed rapidly over the last decade in both production and value. During recent years, research into the culture of new species has received a lot of attention and a range of species are already commercially cultured. In common with many countries around the world, production of marine fish in Australia will mainly depend on(More)
A neural network architecture based on the neural anatomy and function of retinal neurons in tiger salamander and mudpuppy retinae is proposed to study basic aspects of early visual information processing. The model predictions for the main response characteristics of retinal neurons are found to be in agreement with neurophysiological data, including the(More)