Greg M. Maxwell

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Electrical stimulation has been applied to sciatic nerves of patients to achieve sensory feedback after lower limb amputation for periods of up to six years. Patients used the sensory feedback device daily. Pain, infection and electrode displacement have not been problems. The immediate postoperative benefits are that pain is minimized after amputation and(More)
The forces and moments in the sagittal plane at the knee and hip were calculated using gait data collected during level walking. Accelerations were measured by accelerometers attached to the legs, and the force reactions at the foot were measured by a force plate. The recorded accelerations and the foot forces were used to determine the joint reactions(More)
An experimental model has been devised for the consistent production of delayed bone healing of the tibia in adult dogs. A double-blind trial, with bias eliminated, was used to evaluate the use of a commercially available direct-current bone-growth stimulator with this model. The stimulator produced a statistically significant acceleration of bone healing(More)
Carbon conversion during bubbling fluidized bed gasification of biomass" (2008). Retrospective Theses and Dissertations. Paper 15822. APPENDIX B: UNCERTAINTY ANALYSIS 151 B.1 General Uncertainty Analysis 152 B.2 Uncertainty in F 153 B.3 Uncertainty in W C (t ss) 153 B.4 Uncertainty in R e (t ss) 154 B.5 Sample Uncertainty Calculations 155 iv LIST OF FIGURES(More)
Various authors have ascribed differing roles to the adductor muscles of the thigh in producing rotation of the femur. In the present study, measurements have been made on the changes in distance between origin and insertion of the adductor muscles which occur with rotation of the femur. Increases in distance indicate the muscle cannot produce a particular(More)
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