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R ecommendation algorithms are best known for their use on e-commerce Web sites, 1 where they use input about a cus-tomer's interests to generate a list of recommended items. Many applications use only the items that customers purchase and explicitly rate to represent their interests, but they can also use other attributes, including items viewed,(More)
This paper presents the candidate/critique model of interactive problem solving , in which an automated problem solver communicates candidate solutions to the user and the user critiques those solutions. The system starts with minimal information about the user's preferences, and preferences are elicited and inferred incrementally by analyzing the(More)
Ever increasing on-chip integration in the semiconductor industry, spurred by miniaturization, is at the point where large-scale electronic systems can be put on a single chip. The proliferation of such " systems-on-a-chip " has important repercussions for the structure of the electronics industry, and the strategies of electronics firms. In a detailed case(More)
Draft for internal distribution and comments; do not quote or cite without permission.. as well as participants at the 2005 Brookings Trade Forum on Offshoring of White-Collar Work, the Berkeley Innovation Seminar, and the Doshisha ITEC seminar series provided thoughtful discussions that improved the paper. We are especially grateful to Gail Pesyna at the(More)
In the e-learning system an abundant amount of information is created and delivered to the learners over electronic media. Learners are often getting confusion by the flow of information and have difficulty in selecting the topic to learn that satisfies their needs and interests. There are several researches have been performed to provide personalized(More)