Greg Light

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Beta carotene (250 micrograms/ml) dissolved in mineral oil applied either topically or injected locally (190 ng/ml dissolved in media) into DMBA (7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene)-induced or HCPC-1 cell line-produced oral squamous cell carcinoma of the hamster buccal pouch was observed to result in the regression of these tumors. (p less than or equal to(More)
BACKGROUND The Association of American Medical Colleges and Howard Hughes Medical Institute have urged medical faculty to develop in themselves, and in their students, habits of critical professional inquiry, while stressing the importance of integrating formal learning with hands-on, practical experience. AIMS This study describes the impact of a(More)
This paper reports findings from an empirical four-year study designed to investigate the relationship between key constructs of an extended model of teaching and learning in higher education. Using a mixed-methods approach, we sought to assess the impact of a year-long faculty development program (FDP) designed for pre-tenure faculty on participant(More)
We investigated the influence of parasympathetic tone on the arrhythmogenicity of graded dobutamine infusions in horses anesthetized under clinical conditions. Six horses were used in 9 trials. Two consecutive series of graded dobutamine infusions were given IV; each continuous graded dobutamine infusion was administered for 20 minutes. The dobutamine(More)
Five children, aged 12 to 18 years, received intermittent hemodialysis for as long as 60 months. Linear growth and development progressed in all children. Growth rate was 60% to 260% of the expected increment. Four of the children developed secondary sexual characteristics. Prolonged hemodialysis combined with good nutrition may promote maximal growth(More)