Greg L Kelly

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  • Greg Kelly
  • Alternative medicine review : a journal of…
  • 2006
Body temperature is a complex, non-linear data point, subject to many sources of internal and external variation. While these sources of variation significantly complicate interpretation of temperature data, disregarding knowledge in favor of oversimplifying complex issues would represent a significant departure from practicing evidence-based medicine. Part(More)
  • Greg Kelly
  • Alternative medicine review : a journal of…
  • 2008
This article is part 1 of a two-part review of inulin-type prebiotics. Prebiotics are a category of nutritional compounds grouped together by the ability to promote the growth of specific beneficial (probiotic) gut bacteria. Inulin-type prebiotics contain fructans of the inulin-type. Fructans are a category of nutritional compounds that encompasses(More)
BACKGROUND The integration of smart home technology to support health and social care is acquiring an increasing global significance. Provision is framed within the context of a rapidly changing population profile, which is impacting on the number of people requiring health and social care, workforce availability and the funding of healthcare systems. (More)
Pregnant women are infected by specific variants of Plasmodium falciparum that adhere and accumulate in the placenta. Using serological and molecular approaches, we assessed the global antigenic diversity of surface antigens expressed by placenta-binding isolates to better understand immunity to malaria in pregnancy and evolution of polymorphisms and to(More)
During pregnancy, specific variants of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes (IEs) can accumulate in the placenta through adhesion to chondroitin sulfate A (CSA) mediated by expression of PfEMP1 encoded by var2csa-type genes. Antibodies against these variants are associated with protection from maternal malaria. We evaluated antibodies among Kenyan,(More)
Vascular injuries to the groin are common and often life-threatening. Injuries above the inguinal ligament, to the iliac system, are associated with a 37 percent mortality. Associated intraabdominal injuries are common. These patients must be identified promptly, given broad-spectrum antibiotics and taken immediately to the operating room for exploration(More)
Thirty-four cases of duodenal trauma, 23 caused by gunshot wounds, are reviewed. All but three patients had associated major organ injuries, a total of 97 injuries. Postoperative mortality was 14% for injuries into the duodenal lumen. Techniques for operative repair included simple primary closure, use of omental or serosal patches, controlled fistula with(More)
A five year experience with 782 patients requiring laparotomy for trauma is reviewed. Specifically, the 70 patients requiring unplanned reexploration have been studied to delineate the indications for and implications of such repeat laparotomies. The major indications for such reoperation were intraabdominal abscess (45.7 per cent), bleeding (15.5 per(More)